Chardham Yatra Places

Chardham Yatra Places to Visit in 2024


The Chardham Yatra is one of the leading pilgrimage centers in India. It takes pilgrims to four shrines in the northern state of Uttarakhand: Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. The number of pilgrims for this holy journey is expected to increase in 2024 because people believe that washing their sins away and getting in touch with the Lord is very important. Here are some of the best Chardham Yatra places that you can visit during your Yatra.

Chardham Yatra Places To Visit During Yatra

Yamunotri Dham

Yamunotri Dham

The first destination of the Chardham circuit, Yamunotri, is the abode of the sacred river Yamuna. Located at an altitude of 3,293 meters amidst the natural splendor of the Garhwal hills, the divine Yamunotri temple is indeed a worthy pilgrimage.

To reach the temple, pilgrims need to trek for 6 km. For people who may feel trekking is a bit tiring, there is a pony ride, or people can hire a palanquin. You can also book Chardham Yatra by Helicopter services to complete the Yatra quickly.

Places to Visit During Yamunotri Dham

1. Suryakund

Surya Kund

Suryakund is a hot water spring. In Yamunotri temple, devotees worship after cooking rice and potato prasad by dipping it in the Suryakund.

2. Barkot


On the list of Chardham Yatra places is Barkot. This is a stunning place located at a distance of 49 km away from Yamunotri. Located at 1,220m, it presents some of the finest vistas of the Bandarpoonch Peak and other Himalayan formations. Barkot acts as a base camp for Yamunotri and other tourist attractions in the area for the pilgrims. It is a small town known for its scenic beauty and good climate.

3. Divya Shila

Divya Shila

Divya Shila is a sacred stone located a few hundred meters from the main temple of Yamunotri. Also called the ‘abode of light’ or ‘slab of divinity,’ devotees offer prayers at the Divya Shila shrine before they enter Yamunotri Temple.

Gangotri Dham

Gangotri Dham

On the list of Chardham Yatra Places is Gangotri, which is 3415 meters above sea level on the rocky territory of the Bhagirathi River. Lord Shiva’s devotee, King Bhagirath, used to pray so that Goddess Ganga descended on earth. In response to his prayer of penance, Goddess Ganga descended from Lord Shiva locks as River Ganga here. The source is at Gaumukh, the Gangotri Glacier, which is 19 km away from the temple.

Places to Visit During Gangotri Dham

1. Gangotri Glacier

Gangotri Glacier

Starting from the northern end of the Chaukhamba peak, Gangotri Glacier feeds several rivers, including the one bearing the same name. It is one of the biggest glaciers in India and is the birthplace of the holy Ganga River. The glacier’s terminus is Gaumukh, which is about an 18-km trek from Gangotri.

2. Harsil


On the list of Chardham Yatra places is Harsil. It is a small village at the foothills of the Great Mountains, located on the route to Gangotri in the district of Uttarkashi. It is an ideal location for those searching for serenity or needing to find some peace in the wild. Nestled with apple trees surrounding the area, Harsil also boasts many trekking areas or trails.

3. Uttarkashi


Located about 155 Km from Rishikesh, it is one of the major pilgrim spots on the right bank of the Bhagirathi. At 1150 m above sea level, it has some prominent temples: Vishwanath temple, Ekadash Rudra temple, Bhairav temple, Kuteti Devi temple, and Gyaneshwar temple.

Kedarnath Dham

Kedarnath Dham

Kedarnath Temple is next on the list of Chardham Yatra places, which worships Lord Shiva and is in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. The temple is at an elevation of 3,583 meters. This is a very old temple dedicated to Shiva and constructed with the help of logs and stones. It is one of the oldest and holiest Hindu temples, one of the Panch Kedars and one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. The mountain known as Mount Kedar is magnificent at the back of the temple. To reach the temple, you must trek 16 km from Gaurikund. The best times to visit Kedarnath are the months of May to June and September to November.

Places to Visit During Kedarnath Dham

1. Vasuki Tal

Vasuki Tal

One of the most popular tourist sites and Chardham Yatra Places nearby is the Vasuki Tal, at an elevation of 4,135 meters. The lake’s aqua-green waters, with the reflection of Chaukhamba Peak in the background, are worth a visit. 

2. Chorabari Lake

Chorabari Lake

Chorabari Tal, also known as Gandhi Sarovar, is 3 km away from the Kedarnath temple. It is a glacial lake and the crystal clear gorgeous lake attracts many tourists. 

3. Triyuginarayan Temple

Triyuginarayan Temple

This is an important place, about 7.9 km from Sonprayag. It is the place where Lord Shiva married to Goddess Parvati. Therefore, it is immensely important from a religious point of view for the devotees. It is one of the best Chardham Yatra places to visit. 

4. Tungnath Temple


Tungnath is a small village in Uttarakhand, and it marks the initial phase of the Chopta Chandrashila Trek. Standing at 2680 meters above sea level, this village has thick and tall pine, Deodar, and Rhododendron forests. This is one of the easiest treks for newcomers to the Himalayan region and hence recommended.

Badrinath Dham

Badrinath Dham

The final destination and one of the important Chardham Yatra places is the Badrinath Temple, majestically nestled at an altitude of 3300 on the right bank of the River Alaknanda between the Nilkantha Peaks Nara and Narayan. The temple of Badrinath is considered sacred by both the Vaishnava and Shaiva sects of the Hindus and is believed to be the most divine shrine of Lord Vishnu. Adi Shankara constructed it during the 8th century AD.

Places to Visit During Badrinath Dham

1. Tapt Kund

tapt kund

Tapt Kund, one of the Chardham Yatra places, it is a natural hot water spring situated near the Badrinath Dham. It is believed that Lord Agni resides here, and the water is heated up to 45 degrees Celsius. Also, the water of the kund is believed to have curative powers and can treat skin diseases. It is a tradition to take a dip in Tapt Kund before visiting the Badrinath Temple.

2. Bheem Pul

Bheem Pul

The Bheem Pul is another existing natural bridge formed by a natrual River, Saraswati in Uttarakhand, Badrinath. The place is said to have been found by Bheem one of the five brothers passing that way. The natural bridge and the River Saraswati are marvellous to watch, with water gushing down through it.

3. Vyas Gufa

Vyas Gufa

On the list of Chardham Yatra places the next destination to visit is Vyas Gufa. So Vyas Gufa is a cave situated in Mana village near Badrinath in the district of Uttarakhand. Maharishi Ved Vyas wrote the Mahabharata in the presence of Lord Ganesha. The great sage also created many other Puranas, Sutras, and Vedas in this cave only. One of the peculiarities of the locality is the roof, which resembles the pages of a script.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What is the best time to visit Chardham Yatra?

The best time for Chardham Yatra from May to June, and September to October.

Q2). Which Dham is to Visit First?

Yamunotri Dham is the first place to visit Chardham Yatra.

Q3). How far is Badrinath from Kedarnath Dham?

The distance from Badrinath to Kedarnath dham is 218 Km.

Q4). How many people can sit in 1 Helicopter?

6 people can sit in 1 helicopter

Q5). What are the 4 famous Dhams in India?

Badrinath, Dwarka, Jagannath Puri, and Rameshwaram are the four dhams of India.

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